Yom Sheini, 11 Adar II 5779

Making the Passover journey through play

on Monday, 08 April 2013.

Kehillah students will spend April 9 - 12 in an Egyptian landscape of their own making, in the Lapidus Center right here at Temple Israel. They will enter the room through the Red Sea, parted by fan-blown, colorful fabric streamers. Through independent play along Nile River water tables flanked by palm trees and ferns set over a sandy tarp, they will care for dolls in baskets and tubs as their own Baby Moses. In groups, they will be encouraged to ask questions and imagine God's answers in conversation with a small tree adorned with fiery accents. They will work together to build pyramids from block furniture. Our rabbis and cantor will take turns with different classes, as each assumes the persona of Elijah, recounts his life's journey, and shares his famous tales with moral lessons for the children. Through experimentation, students will see how the properties of sand can change with different additives. With all of this, plus two model seders, the students of the Kehillah School will have the opportunity to experience Passover to the fullest.

For more information or to register for our programs, please contact the school office at (914) 637-3808 or Kehillah@TINR.org.

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