Yom Sheini, 11 Adar II 5779

Teaching the Holocaust Where It Happened Lecture


Teaching the Holocaust Where ItHappened (Lecturer: Professor Annamaria Orla Bukowska of the JagiellonianUniversity Krakow)


It is one thing to talk, learnor teach about the Shoah in North America, and quite another to do so in Europewhere all the countries once occupied by the III Reich need to addressperpetration of, collaboration in, and witnessing of the destruction of theirJewish compatriots. That said, no country has had to face this more than Poland.Practically innumerable within the country’s current boundaries are thememorialized sites of persecution and death – the ghetto landscapes, massgraves, former labor and concentration camps, and all six of the former deathcamps. Murdered on this soil were not only most of the Polish Jews, but alsothe Jews of most of Europe. This places an extraordinary responsibility uponPolish society today to teach about the Shoah to its own citizens as well as tofacilitate learning in situ about the Shoah for citizens from around the world.


Monday April 16, 7:30 pm,Spellman Hall Lounge

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