Yom Rishon, 23 Shevat 5777

family 1437716In Support of Refugees: A subcommittee has been formed, devoted to working with HIAS (the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) and with other faith groups in New Rochelle and Westchester to welcome and support refugee families to our community. How you can make a difference? See below!



Rabbi Weiner's Post on Facebook

 From the Social Action Committee


In response to President Trump's Executive Order on immigration and refugees, Rabbi Weiner released a statement which read, in part:

"Temple Israel has a long and honored tradition of standing up for human rights and social justice. That is why, nearly two years ago, we were among the first to join Call to Action Hudson Valley, a partnership of community organizations in our area helping to resettle Syrian refugees in our community. This had the universal backing of our Social Action Committee and our Board of Trustees. We have also partnered with HIAS - the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society - which once helped resettle hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees, including many of our family members and now is a key player in resettling Syrians. They have helped us form our own local resettlement group, the Interfaith Council for New Americans, with Beth El Synagogue Center, Temple Israel Center of White Plains, the United Methodist Church of New Rochelle, the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation of White Plains and the Inter-religious Council of New Rochelle.

This issue is central to our Jewish identity. We are commanded, over and over again in the Torah, to remember what it was like to be a persecuted wandering people and take responsibility for those in that position now. That is why there has been such overwhelming support from the Temple Israel community for this issue - it embodies our Jewish values! We have dozens of volunteers working on this issue."

The Social Action Committee will continue to work for justice for all and on this issue, in particular.  Below are some points of information you should be aware of and some action items in which we hope you will join us in the days and weeks ahead.  We will turn our outrage into constructive efforts and actions.  It is our Jewish imperative and Temple Israel of New Rochelle, as always, is joining the struggle.

*    We continue to prepare to host a refugee family here in New Rochelle and we are collecting funds to support a family resettled here, or elsewhere.  Click here to donate and/or volunteer.

*    CANCELLED Due to Weather, March & Rally to Fight Fear With Facts! Event

*    Follow HIAS' lead and participate in their calls to action by visiting www.hias.org

Also important - stay in touch and stay informed!

*    Send us an email if you'd like to join our Refugee Crisis email list at sac@tinr.org

*    Follow Temple Israel on Facebook for up to date information on activities here.

*    Continue to visit us here, at the Temple's dedicated Refugee Crisis page with materials, information on actions being taken, how we are responding and how you can stay involved!


Purim 2017

Purim 2016

Saturday, March 11, 2017 • Erev Purim
7:30 pm    Purim Shpiel & Megillah Reading - “What’s My Megillah?”

Sunday, March 12, 2017 • Purim
11 am    Purim Family Service
11:30 am    Purim Carnival (open to children 5 and under)
12 pm    Purim Carnival (open to all)

We ask each Temple member to bring in a box of macaroni and cheese to  use as a grogger  during  all of  Temple Israel’s Purim services.
This food will then be donated to HOPE Community Services.

Purim is a holiday for laughter, costumes, noisemakers and giving treats. Mishloach Manot is the Purim Mitzvah of sending small gifts, usually of food, to friends, neighbors and the community.

Surprise your friends and family with Mishloach Manot gift bags. Each decorated package contains an assortment of Kosher candy and snacks, hamentaschen, and a grogger. Please also consider donating Mishloach Manot to the United Hebrew or Sarah Neuman Nursing Home.

Why should you purchase Mishloach Manot this year?
• It is a Mitzvah to gift baskets of food to family and friends.
• Mishloach Manot sales are an important fundraiser for Chavaya.

Click to order Mishloach Manot this year and support Temple Israel of New Rochelle by Friday, February 17th!

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