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Welcome to Temple Israel of New Rochelle

We are a community that adds meaning and purpose to modern lives
through an inclusive approach to Judaism.
We live our Jewish values in our worship, celebration, lifelong learning
and Tikkun Olam — the repair of the world.

Shabbat Services

Parashat Shemot
Friday, January 17
7:30 pm Dr. Martin Luther King Commemoration Service, preceded by dinner at 6 pm
Saturday, January 18
9:00 am Shabbat Morning Service/Torah Study

Parashat Vaera
Friday, January 24
6:00 pm Community Shabbat Service, followed by dinner
Saturday, January 25
9:00 am Torah Study
10:30 am Shabbat Morning Service/Bat Mitzvah Sophie Dingee

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Live Streaming

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NEW! On-going Streaming!

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