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Temple Israel encourages the exploration of Jewish identity through educational and culturally-based events held throughout the year. Jewish connections are established as families participate in holiday celebrations with our youthfulbuilding-ties-1 clergy team. Students and their families come to know our rabbis and cantor through their involvement in the classrooms and informal, camp-like gatherings held weekly in our small chapel. For all of our celebratory holidays, the children join together in song with the clergy.

Our teachers take advantage of opportunities to use Hebrew words whenever possible. Everyone learns b’yachad (together) and plays b’yachad in our indoor gym and outdoor playground. Thankfulness is expressed each day as the children recite the Motzi blessing in Hebrew before having snack and lunch.

Intergenerational activities, as well as Tzedakah (righteousness) and Mitzvah (commandment/good deed) programs, foster the early development of Jewish values of community, giving, and Tikum Olam (making the world a better place). In fact, Judaism is the context for everything that we do.

building-ties-2The spirituality and ethical codes that are intrinsic to this program can be developmentally beneficial to children and families of any faith. Our early childhood program is founded upon the teachings that are the most important lessons of life: B’tzelem Eloheem (We are all made in God’s image), Chesed (kindness) and Derech Eretz (good manners, treatment of others as you would like to be treated). Our Kehillah, which means “community,” is a school in which children of diverse backgrounds are brought together to learn values and explore their shared world. Everyone is welcome at Temple Israel’s Kehillah.

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