Encouraging each child’s advancement

Picture the beauty of how caterpillars first experience life in a cozy cocoon, from which they transform into magnificent butterflies able to soar to greater heights. A similar metamorphosis takes place here at Kehillah. Child development is an ongoing process, in which each Kehillah student’s transition from one class to the next is treated as a special, individual journey from which our children emerge with the skills and self-confidence to venture forth into the world.

Even as infants, our K’tahneem (Little Ones) and Reeshoneem (First Ones) are encouraged to explore their surroundings through the use of all five senses as they gain the ability to move about independently. Advancing to the toddler classes of Chalootzeem (Pioneers) and Boneem (Builders), they become more social and capable of walking, eating, communicating and exhibiting personal preferences. Language skills begin to take root. In Oleem (Ascenders), creativity and academics are merged as students progress towards complex thinking, problem solving, understanding the needs of others, categorizing and predicting. This prepares the children for their next year as Chavayreem (Friends), in a classroom where their social skills are sharpened, their attention span is stretched, and their awareness of all that takes place around them is elevated.

Our newest classroom, Geshareem (Bridges), is about to open for children preparing to leave the nurturing, familiar setting of Kehillah for more formalized elementary education. During this last year of pre-K education, the students will synthesize all of their learning, sensitivities, social skills, self-monitoring, language and literacy, science and math, and physical strength. The Kehillah experience will prepare them to take flight from here with the capacity for lifelong learning.

For more information or to register for our programs, please contact the school office at (914) 637-3808 or Kehillah@TINR.org.