Experiencing Connections

At the Shabbat celebration just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, our Kehillah School community enjoyed an “historical” visit from Rabbi Nir Barkin of Kehillat Yozma in Modi’in, Israel. While visiting to observe the pioneering “Kehillah Model,” he shared his dynamic abilities as a teacher by interacting with the children, for whom he connected the concepts of that week’s Torah portion, the historical and modern celebrations of Thanksgiving, and the morals and miracles of the Chanukah story. It was especially magical for the children to relate to someone who lives in the town of Modi’in, where the Chanukah story takes place! In a very short time, Rabbi Barkin had the entire student population engaged in his teaching of the Chanukah story through their own placement in a human map of the cities of Israel.

We are exploring ways to unite the congregations and schools of Temple Israel and Kehillat Yozma by establishing ongoing learning and communication between both sets of faculties, families and children. How incredible it will be to practice international study and build relationships that will create positive, lasting impressions.

For more information or to register for our programs, please contact the school office at (914) 637-3808 or Kehillah@TINR.org.