Experiencing Shabbat’s distinctive holiness

December’s theme of kedushah, or holiness, is demonstrated on a weekly basis here at the Kehillah School, where Shabbat is welcomed each Friday and concluded with Havdalah on Mondays. The children learn that Shabbat is the start of the special day of rest created and commanded by God, and that Havdalah is the ceremony separating Kodesh l’chol: the holy versus that which is ordinary. The peacefulness and joy of Shabbat holiness is felt by the children in wearing their communal school shirts each Friday; gathering with all our clergy for prayers; hearing the Shabbat melodies, blessings and songs about precious family time; and enjoying challah and sweet grape juice. On Monday, this kedushah ends with another communal gathering-this time to say good bye to Shabbat. A subdued atmosphere sets the tone as the lights are turned down low, the bright flicker of the havdalah candle dominates the room, and the sweet smell of spices is passed from one child to the next, all helping the holiness of Shabbat to linger in our senses.

For more information or to register for our programs, please contact the school office at (914) 637-3808 or Kehillah@TINR.org.