Giving tzedakah; raising self-esteem

Tzedakah, the monthly Jewish teaching for October, is a lesson in moral development, as righteousness is the literal meaning of this term for charity. Donations of money are not all that is raised through the teaching of tzedakah. As children learn to give of themselves for the benefit of others in need, they first need to take stock of what gifts they themselves possess and can share with others. This important exercise in self-awareness and appraisal helps to raise our students’ self-esteem, as does the value that they feel in offering tzedakah.

The fulfillment that the children experience in giving of themselves at such a young age will surely remain an integral part of their character as they mature. At Kehillah, we are working together with parents to raise children who realize the gifts inherent in them that can be shared with and valued by less fortunate people.

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