Lifting the hopes of others

July’s Mitzvah Month theme has provided a variety of opportunities for our children to partake in activities for the benefit of those less fortunate than themselves. Kehillah Kampers created a lemonade stand to raise money for children’s cancer research, ran a bake sale to support the efforts of the ASPCA, and donated canned foods to needy families. Counting, measuring, cooking, sorting, and use of the alphabet served as educational components of these various efforts. Group collaboration and giving to others through both tzedakah and personal involvement provided the most meaningful life lessons of all.

The great sage Maimonides created a Ladder of Tzedakah, in which the highest llevel of giving is to strengthen the hand of someone in need until he no longer requires help from others. We hope that our young Kehillah School students are learning to see themselves as agents of change who take action by either collecting tangible items or generating funds for people requiring aid.

Through our mitzvah activities–not only this summer, but throughout the year–we trust that our children are learning not to stand idly by when they have the means to lift spirits and improve the lives of others. 

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