Providing individualized transitioning at each stage of development

As we make the most of our last few weeks of summer and prepare for the coming of fall, we think about the importance of transitions in life. The change of seasons plays a  vital role in this process for all living things. School grade level advancements have long required people to adapt to change on an annual basis.

A special feature of the Kehillah School is that our children move from one developmental level to the next in accordance with their individual progress. Each of our classes is defined by an age range so that children can advance at any point during the year, when they are physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially ready to take that step. Moreover, these transitions are gradual, allowing each child to visit his or her new class in short sessions at first, acclimating to that classroom and ensuring the student’s comfort with that new group of friends.

We have had great success with this personalized mode of progression. The children will spend many years adapting to the outside world. While they’re young and here at the Kehillah School, we will accommodate them!

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