Spiritual development through creative expression

As we close this year’s annual Children’s Art Exhibit in the Murray & Gladys Goldstein Cultural Arts Center, we are reminded of precious connections experienced by our students through their creative expressions. Contained within our exhibit is a small model of the Kotel, or Western Wall. The four-year-old children of Chavayreem built and painted the model to house precious messages like these to God:

  • I hope you take care of my grandpa in heaven.
  • I love my family and God.
  • Give peace to the world.
  • Give us more manners.
  • Make more love.
  • Give more kisses.
  • Have a great Shabbat.
  • Make more flowers in the world.
  • Please make more butterflies.
  • Make everyone a picture so they feel good.
  • Make more kitty cats.

Spirituality emerges through the artistic expression of our students, enabling them to develop their individual relationships with God while creating a sustainable connection to Jerusalem. Years later, whether on a NFTY or Birthright trip to Israel, a visit to the Wall can be a renewed connection and experience of closure stemming from a tender childhood memory.

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