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The following statements are a sampling of excerpts from emails, the Internet, and Bright Horizons survey responses written by parents about the Kehillah School program. Thankful for the many wonderful expressions of gratitude received, we are proud to share these descriptions of our families’ experiences with people who are interested in learning about our school.

My daughter went to Kehillah, it was excellent! Early drop off, late pick up, wonderful teachers. I can’t say enough good things about it. (from Moms of New Rochelle website)

Our experience from day 1 at the school has been so positive and we greatly appreciate all of the effort that is made by everyone in the community to offer this unique mix that only Kehillah can provide: ¬a focus on creativity, and music, celebrating Judaism and welcoming and nurturing each child as an individual. We love being part of this community. It has been just as wonderful for us as parents as it has been for our child. We actively invite our friends to join this wonderful community that has impacted our lives in so many ways. We see Kehillah as our second home. (Parents of two students, 2015)

(Our son) has found love.  Love of learning, love of friendship and love for the adults who so clearly love him.  How can we ever thank you enough? You have left an indelible mark upon our son and we will be forever grateful because of it.  He is a better person for having had the chance to be taught and nurtured by each of you. (Parent of one graduating student and one current student, 2015)

Kehillah has been such an amazing place for both my son’s development and our integration into the community at Temple Israel and with lots of new friends.

The communication at Kehillah is amazing. We get frequent emails from the Director as well as from the teachers. I always know what is going on at the school. I only wish I could participate in everything they are doing! We are so happy to be enrolled at Kehillah!

I am thrilled with my son’s program at The Kehillah School/Bright Horizons. The teachers are caring, energetic and nurturing. My son is extremely well taken care of and I am so appreciative for the love and compassion he is given each day. The director and co-director are supportive and informative and also treat my son wonderfully, I am 100% satisfied with the program.

I love Kehillah. The teachers in my daughter’s class are wonderful. My daughter has truly grown in their class and loves coming to school every day!

Kehillah is a wonderful school with fantastic staff and a great curriculum.

Not long ago, we seriously considered moving from the area. The one thing that staunchly anchored us to our current community was this school. The teachers are excellent, the opportunities are rich, and the flexibility for families cannot be overlooked. Many times over I would recommend this school. This BH school should serve as a model for future BH that are looking to create partnerships in various communities across the country.

One of the things I love about the Kehillah School is that it feels like a community rather than a learning facility. My son is very happy there and is learning so much! The staff has always been warm and helpful whenever we have had developmental issues. Their guidance has been immeasurable. The added bonus for us is that it is a Jewish curriculum. This is unusual and it thrills me to no end. My son is learning secular and Jewish traditions. The school management is creative and responsive and always available. I couldn’t ask for better, smarter, women running the school.

We think of the teachers as an extension of our family – helping us raise our children. Our most recent experience with teachers has surpassed expectations – skilled teachers who bring both joy and calm to the infant room; nurturing, patient teachers in the toddler room. The preschool room is new to us, but so far, we are seeing strong bonding of teachers with our child, always a good sign. The director and assistant director in this school really get to know every single family. They know our names and children’s names, and never skip a beat on what’s going in the rooms. They treat us like family.