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Family involvement is an important component of the Kehillah experience at Temple Israel. Parents and children of the Kehillah School are welcome at all Temple-wide events, as they are considered part of the congregational community. Many of our Kehillah families often join the congregation for dinner and a service at a special Community (Kehillat) Shabbat celebration held one Friday night each month. Tot Shabbat services are offered once a month on Saturdays to provide the means for families with young children to come together at Temple Israel for more casual and personal celebration of Shabbat and community.

Parental participation is encouraged in every way. The vitality of our school’s program is enhanced by the involvement of parents whose creativity and dedication are recognized throughout the Temple. Parental feedback and ideas are encouraged by both the school’s staff and Temple Board as a means of ensuring that our program meets the needs of our Kehillah families.

parental participationTemple Israel is proud to have an active Parents Association, which is credited for providing support in its healthy partnership with the school administration. The active members of the P.A. are passionate supporters of the school and, as such, are instrumental in developing the feeling of community and friendship for which the school is known. The P.A. has arranged separate evening outings for moms and dads, as well as special school-wide events, giving families the opportunity to create lasting friendships that go beyond the school experience. With their excellence in fundraising and planning, the P.A. was the force behind the development and construction of our beautiful outdoor playground. In working together, our parents create lasting bonds while serving their children and Temple community.

Kehillah families are invited to participate as members of Temple Israel’s congregation. Please check with our director to learn the details of our Temple Membership Benefit.